PIN «Kyiv for me is…Theater on Podil».

Pins are popular today regardless of the age: someone buys them because of nostalgia, someone as a decoration, and somebody as a present. They are single and several pieces at once. On shirt’s сollars, jackets or bags. Our pins were created by the artist Maria Germasheva based on the mapping routes for walks through Kyiv. They represent the original symbols of our city – you can also choose one to have something which is “Kyiv for me”.

The Theater on Podil is one of the most scandalous buildings in Kyiv over the last few years. More thant 20 years Kyiv City was constructing the new building of this theater on the Andreevsky Descent. And since the opening of the facade it has caused the scandal in the city and caused a great deal of resonance. The project of building the most up-to-date new theater was created by Oleg Drozdov’s Architect Studio.

Brass + nickel; ‘butterfly” clasp.